What are Gateway games?

So what are gateway games?

Many people have heard the term gateway games lately. There is no definitive definition, but what they are tabletop games that casual gamers play because they are simple to learn, fun to play, and do not take too much time to play. These are the types of games that bring people of all gaming experience together.

They are games that break away from the overplayed and overly long Monopoly games and have more variety than checkers and chess.

Who would play gateway games?

You can use these to introduce non-board gamers to the wonderful world of tabletop game playing. Whether you're at a party, a wedding, or just a social event, you can whip out a simple gateway game and introduce people to these great games. Hopefully after playing, they come back for more. They are portable and can play anyway there is a table top or some surface to play on and people that want to play them.

Other people that can enjoy gateway games are families that want to spend time with their children and spouses. Playing these games wouldn't frustrate the family members who are trying to learn. I play these games with my daughter as content heavy games like Terraforming Mars would be beyond her comprehension and patience. Even I had trouble learning that game, though it was enjoyable in its own right. 

What type of gateway games are out there?

Many of the games that Xenomarket sells are considered gateway games. We do not sell much of the games that are heavy and really involved. Games like One Deck Dungeon, Hero Realms, Star Realms, and Tiny Epic Galaxies are all simple to learn. There is very little set up time. The rules are simple and yet challenging. And within an hour or less, you're done with a clear winner or winners. Games like One Deck Dungeon is cooperative so you all either win or lose together.  Games like Hero Realms and Tiny Epic Galaxies put you in competition with other players to win the most points.

 So whether you just want to a fun time for an hour or you want to bond with family, take a look at gateway games and 

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