Metatopia 2018

There is a board game festival happening this week. It begins November 1 and ends November 4th. It is called Metatopia. I wanted to go last year, but I had to watch the kids. I hope to go this year. It's in Morristown, NJ and I live 40 minutes away. I may just go at night. 

Click here to see the website to register.

This is not like Gencon or Essen where brand new games are unveiled by the big wigs game publishers. What you see are games of up and coming game designers. This is the place where game designers want people to play test their new games and hope to make it big in the competitive world of board gaming. 

Preregistration is happening now. It's $20 if you are a game player and want to test games. They will send you a questionnaire on your interests and you can schedule when to play. 

It looks pretty exciting. I hope I have some time to do this. Play on.

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