Looking forward to what Hero Realms is offering

Hero Realms had a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their next big thing. Their Ruin of Thandar expansion was very successful and they are following it up with another cooperative expansion called the Lost Village.

After defeating the Ruinos summoned demon from the Ruin of Thunder, your hero or heroes will venture to the Lost Village to investigate what has befallen its people.

You will fight more encounters, upgrade more skills and abilities, and find treasure like Magic Armor.

Moreover, with this Kickstarter, they are introducing new expansions packs called Hero Realms: Journeys.

Hero Realms: Journeys is a set of four expansion packs featuring all new champions and actions and introducing the Quest card type. When you complete a Quest you’ll earn a Relic, which is a powerful new item. Relics can also be used to expand your Market deck.

It is not too late to be a Late Backer. Check out their Kickstarter page here.

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