Let's play Ameritrash games

The term Ameritrash is a term for American style games. Some may get offended by such a term, but it has been embraced by fans of this style of gameplay. It is different from Euro games which focuses on mundane family friendly back drops like farming or making wine. 


An important aspect of Ameritrash games is the theme. The theme can be fantasy, science fiction, dystopian world, zombies, and more. The theme is an important aspect of the game. The game Dead of Winter A Crossroads Game is about surviving in a zombie filled world. Hero Realms is about fantasy world of magic, monsters, and combat. Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients takes place in 19th century Wild West with Cthulu mythology. 


Ameritrash is all about conflict. It can be player versus player trying to take each other out in combat. It can be also be cooperative where the players fight together to defeat the aliens or creatures that are part of the game. It can also be competitive conflict where players compete who can defeat the game first and may even hinder each other to get to that goal. Come on! Let's fight!


Another aspect is that Ameritrash players love their miniatures. Whether it is playing X-WIng Miniatures where you dog fight with miniatures of star fighters from Star Wars or Warhammer where you control armies of miniatures, these little pieces of sculpted plastic have players wanting more. Players want to be immersed in their game's world.

Some Ameritrash games don't rely on much strategy and go for more random events and evocative narrative that tells a story. But there are still many that do require strategy.

The name may have negative connotations but there is a large following of people that love the large complex Ameritrash games.

Here are a list of popular Ameritrash Games

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Shadows of Brimstone City of the Ancients

Dead of Winter A Crossroads Game

Star Wars - Rebellion

Star Wars - Imperial Assault

Fortune and Glory - A Cliffhanger Game


Tomb of Annihilation

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