Kickstarter: Tiny Epic Mechs

I just want to share this Kickstarter campaign for Tiny Epic Mechs. I am a fan of Gamelyn Games and sell many of their games. This looks like a really exciting game. Already they raised more money than their original goal. The campaign is still going on and you can join in on the fun. It looks like the game will become available next year at the end of summer.

Here is the set up. It's the year 3030, and technology offers humankind unimaginable entertainment. What used to be virtual reality is now reality, and sports that once occupied your flat-screen now occupy the world stage. The largest of them embodies the evolution and integration of athleticism and machinery. Once every five years, hundreds of millions of viewers tune in to witness the spectacle that is M.E.C.H.s: Mechanized Entertainment Combat Heroes.

It is basically an arena-style player-vs-player action-programming game. You combat other ITEMeeples with many weapons. Later you can suit up in Mechs and bring the battle to the next level.

Already many of the stretch goals has been unlocked for more content and more weapons. Stay tuned for more stretch goals. 

Take a look at their campaign here.

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