GenCon Online this weekend

Though it is sad the COVD-19 pandemic has turned the gaming conventions world upside down. Fortunately, I went to a game convention back in February called Dreamations sponsored by before the pandemic came to the US. But they had to cancel Dexcon at the beginning of July. 

GenCon is cancelled but GenCon is holding an interactive convention from July 30 to August 2. You can get an online Badge for free but events may cost some money.

I never went to a virtual board game convention before. So I just registered to check GenCon out. I wished I went to GenCon before when I was single and more mobile. I am no stranger to playing board games online. Years ago, I played digital board games on Vassal. Then years later, played on TableTop Simulator with my gaming group and we talked together on Discord.

Many game events require you to speak with people using Discord, watching panels and seminars on Twitch and playing on platforms like Boardspace. Once you're registered, you can choose games to play or seminars to watch. 

Not only that but the local board game convention I go to will host First Exposure Playtest Online 2020. I went to Metatopia and Dreamations though this convention. You can play test digital versions of prototypes of up and coming designers. These games are still in development, but you get to learn the process and can give your opinions to help them continue to develop their games.

It will be a new experience to play with strangers from around the world. And to watch seminars. I only signed up for a few, but continue to look for more. I am going to some seminars, play some games, and playlets some games as well.

Very exciting!


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