Dice Rolling

Dice rolling games has been around for centuries. Basically you roll dice and get results by chance. You have no control of the outcome. It's a random element of the game which makes it unpredictable and exciting.

The most common dice is the 6 sided die. You get results from 1-6. But there are also more dice in different shapes and numbers. The 20 sided dice is very iconic for Dungeon & Dragons which uses dice of many shapes. It has the 4 sided dice, 8 sided dice, and 10 sided dice.

And there have been many variations where the 6 sided dice doesn't have the dots from 1-6. In Tiny Epic Galaxies, each side of its 6 sided dice has an icon for an action you can perform. So one icon lets you launch a ship to a planet, another icon lets you collect a resource within the game and another lets you activate a power or ability or upgrade.

Some games lets you compare results against opponents and usually the person with the highest results wins. In X-wing Miniatures you roll 8 sided dice. Ones for the attacker and ones for the defenders. Some ships has more dice than others giving them a better chance at a better roll result. And there are actions that enhance the results of the die roll. So you have to be strategic on what actions you want to perform to better your chances.

In One Deck Dungeon, the die results you have to beat for the attacking creature is predetermined on their cards. You have to roll dice to match or be higher on the condition to survive the encounter and take the glory. And each dice has a different color to match a certain aspect whether its fighting ability, stealth or magic.

Dice is not going away since many players love the randomness of gameplay.  

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