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The game Clank! came out in 2016 from Renegade Game Studios as well as many expansions and sequels. It still retains its popularity today. I played with with my brothers a few times. I decided to try to play the game solo as there is an accompanying app with the game you can download on your tablet or smart phone for free.

So I set up the board like the rule book says for normal games with the artifacts, major and minor secrets throughout the board. Set up the market row and my starting deck. I got out my player deice and lank cubes of my color which is blue.

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I choose Clank! on the app and it revealed a couple set up screens. First, it says to remove two random artifacts from the board so I have less artifacts to choose from. Then it says to remove the extra minor secrets so that there is only one minor secret on each minor secret space on the board as opposed to two sacked on each minor secret space.

Then I placed the Dragon marker on the 2-player space on the Rage track. And last, I added Threat which are cubes of a non-playing player to the side of the board and place three of its cubes on the Clank area. The Threat is like another player but plays differently which I'll get to later.

So I am ready to play Clank!. When you start, you get a screen where it gives you a short quest you need to accomplish in 4 turns. This one says I have to have 3 Boot icons in a single turn. Not too hard. As you see on the screen, once you get the 3 Boot icons in a single turn, you press the "Quest Completed" button and it reveals a prize like getting 2 gold or something like that. If you fail to complete the quest, you get a punishment like losing 2 gold or adding more clank to the clank area. 

You do your turn where you play 5 cards from your deck. If a card has the Boot icon, you can move to a room on the board depending on how many boot icons show up on your cards. And buy any new cards from the Market Row, if I have enough money from my cards. Then you click "Next Turn" on the screen.

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So anyway, when I finished my turn, I don't replenish empty spaces in the market row yet if I made any purchases. Instead I click "Next Turn" and this screen pops up. Here it says to remove the 3rd card in the market row. If there is no card in the 3rd card spot if you bought the card in that spot, you don't do anything. And then I have to add a clank to the clank area. This part is different every time. 

One this End Turn screen, I have to remove the 6th card from the market row and then increase the Rage level of the Dragon.

After you do that, then you replenish the market row and start your new turn.

Every time you complete or fail your quest, you will get another one.


"10 Threat Achieved" is clicked when the red Threat has 10 cubes on his health bar and that starts the clock on his escape and you have to complete the game before time runs out. You click "Game Over" when you escape the dungeon with your artifact, die by accumulating 10 cubes on your health bar in the Deep or on the surface.


 Once you end the game, the app lets you count up your score by artifact value, gold, victory points on cards, and other tokens with value. It records your game for future. This is basically a beat your score type of game.

I just grabbed the lowest value Artifact and booked it for the exit. Of course I got a low score in the end. Next time, I will delve deeper to beat my score.

It's fun when you can't get a group going and want to play Clank!. The App works with Sunken Treasure and Clank! in Space. 

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