Announcement: Tiny Epic Tactics

Gamelyn Games made a new announcement the other day. They have a new offering coming out this year called Tiny Epic Tactics. They have been hinting at a new game on social media for awhile. As a fan of the series as you can tell by my videos and blog posts, I am very excited for this game. 

They will be launching the Kickstarter on Tuesday February 19th at 8AM which gives you a chance to fund this new offering. 

This game will be utilizing a simple combat system and a 3-D terrain map. Of course, it will have more and more Meeples! Who doesn't want Meeples?

The main game would be a competitive game where you fight other players with a team of a Fighter, a Wizard, a Rogue and a Beast. Each class will have unique abilities and strengths. Also it mentions that there will be different characters of the same class with additional abilities. I am always a fan of characters with unique abilities.

But of course as an avid solo player, they will have a solo and cooperative modes where you travel the land fighting monsters together or by yourself and collecting treasure. It is quite exciting. You can view the game on Board Game Geek here.


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